The Standard in Professional Flight Training 

Flight training in the modern age can be pursued in two ways, the “traditional way” or the “modern way.” The “traditional” flight school uses old methods of training in rundown facilities with flight instructors who are only focused on building flight time. The common phrase used when challenging this trend is “well that’s how we’ve always done things…”

We aren’t like that… In fact, that is a phrase that makes us cringe.

Apollo Aviation believes that there is a better way. We focus on using all available modern technologies for productive and advanced flight instruction. This means increased flight training efficiency, safety, and confidence in utilizing today’s aircraft systems.

By using a fleet of modern and legacy aircraft, we can provide our flight training students with diverse aircraft rental options, a variety of flight deck training options, and aircraft that meet the student’s mission.

Learn to Fly with Apollo Aviation

  • Legacy & Modern Flight Training Aircraft
  • Professional & Highly Trained Flight Instructors
  • One-on-one Ground & Flight Instruction
  • Avoid downtown Birmingham traffic & learn to fly in a convenient location
  • Uncontrolled airspace means you save time & money and spend more time flying
  • Apollo Aviation is an authorized FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) Training Provider allowing us to conduct training under the WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program and AMT Awards Program.
  • Flight training courses tailored to your needs
  • A newly paved runway, large classroom area, airport restaurant, and comfortable facilities make our training airport the perfect place to fly
  • We are a company dedicated to creating a sense of community and providing unrivaled customer service levels

Flight Training Courses in the Greater Birmingham Area

Introductory Flights

See if flying is a fit for you.  

Or give the perfect gift with our discovery flight gift boxes.

Take the first step and become a pilot by earning your private pilot certificate.

Instrument Rating

Earn your instrument rating and get your head “in the clouds.”

Earn your multi-engine rating or multi-engine instructor rating.  Multi-engine time-building packages are available as well.

Time-building Packages

Build flight time inexpensively

Professional Pilot Training

Go all the way and start your professional pilot career.

Certified Flight Instructor Training

Become a certified flight instructor.

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