About Apollo Aviation

Committed to Service

Apollo Aviation is a central Alabama-based professional aviation training organization whose mission is to provide the highest level of service in the flight school industry. For too long, most flight schools and aviation organizations’ service level has been unacceptable, unorganized, and highly impersonal. Apollo Aviation was established because of the founder’s own frustrations with the poor service provided in the flight training industry.

Modern Vision

Apollo Aviation’s vision is to expand aviation by training highly confident, safe, and exceptionally skilled aviators. In addition to legacy training aircraft, Apollo Aviation will use a full breadth of digital modern aircraft technology, simulation, online tools, and 21st-century methods to provide the most satisfying and productive experience for our clients.

Why Apollo Aviation?

  • As a Diamond Flight Center, Apollo Aviation offers both legacy and modern aircraft for training and rentals
  • Our use of online advanced learning management systems and software makes training efficient and highly effective
  • Customized training programs and executive services that make owning an aircraft an immediate advantage.
  • Education and inspiration for youth, future aviators.
  • Aircraft leaseback and management services.
  • Member of the Flight School Association of North America
Apollo Aviation

Apollo Aviation