Matthew Jones


A lifelong entrepreneurial spirit and a strong passion for aviation have allowed Matt to turn what he loves into a constantly growing business that continues to help others discover their passion for flying and quickly become certified pilots.

Matt says it best, “Being able to combine my entrepreneurial nature with my love for all things aviation has been a dream come true.”

Richard Whittemore

Chief Flight Instructor

After falling in love with aviation at the age of 14, Richard has stopped at nothing to become a highly successful pilot and certified flight instructor. Driven by his passion for aviation, Richard worked two jobs while studying aviation at his local community college in Chattanooga, TN in order to become a pilot.  

Richard’s aviation experience’s include:

  • Aviation Management Degree
  • Airport & FBO Management
  • Flight school ownership experience
  • Corporate flying
  • Floatplane flying in Brazil
  • NAFI Master Certified Flight Instructor
  • Gold Seal Flight Instructor Certificate – ASEL & AMEL, Rotorcraft, and Instrument – Airplane/Helicopter

Bill Kemp


 A great mentor and consultant for good reason; Bill, is a highly experienced pilot with over 25,000 hours of quality flight time. Bill has flown helicopters in Vietnam, bush planes in Canada, corporate jets, and much more. Bill’s level of experience is so vast that we learn something new during every conversation.

Mason White

Certified Flight Instructor / Administrator

An integral component of Apollo Aviation’s success since day one, Mason has a teacher’s heart and a devoted passion for flying and aviation. An instructor you can be proud to learn from, Mason has wanted to become a flight instructor and use his natural talent of teaching to share his passion for flying in the industry he loves. 

Derek Lanier

Certified Flight Instructor

The son of a retired major airline captain, Derek has enjoyed many valuable experiences in aviation that he now shares with his students. Having started flight training before he could even drive a car, Derek is passionate about helping his students push gain similar experiences and memories.

Mark Crawford

Manager / Certified Flight Instructor

A United States Marine for the last 9 years and a passion for flying make this first generation pilot an integral part of the Apollo Aviation flight instructor and management team.  

Mark’s level of professionalism, safety, and his natural leadership abilities are a part of Apollo Aviation’s growth and a true asset to the company and our clients.

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