Apollo Aviation is looking for more aircraft!

Let your airplane work for you.

Apollo Aviation is growing and interested in adding additional aircraft to our fleet. We are talking with new students and pilots each day and creating more demand for aircraft.

If you have an airplane and would like to start making money with it, we would like to talk with you about aircraft leasebacks.

Alternatively, if you are considering purchasing an airplane for your own flight training, business trips, or recreational flying, we can show you how an aircraft leaseback will offset your costs and even earn a return on your investment.

What is a Leaseback?

An aircraft leaseback is a marketing agreement. Under this agreement, Apollo Aviation will work as an aircraft manager. The individual owns the aircraft, and Apollo Aviation is responsible for marketing the aircraft for flight training use and aircraft rentals for qualified pilots.

Apollo Aviation will manage all financial transactions under this arrangement, coordinate maintenance, and ensure the aircraft meets all regulatory requirements.

Why leaseback with Apollo Aviation?

Apollo Aviation is a growing flight school with a highly driven team of professionals. Our modern, contemporary vision ensures continuous efforts are made to remain innovative and explore new markets in the flight training and aviation industry.

With a location only 15 minutes from downtown Birmingham, Alabama, near Hoover and Helena, Alabama, we are based at the perfect airport for flight training and company growth.

The Pros of aircraft leaseback:
  • You fly the airplane for the cost of fuel alone.
  • You gain equity in an aircraft as it works, often completely paying for the aircraft.
  • Potential for cash flow.
  • Significantly accelerated depreciation tax credits.
Does a leaseback make sense for you?

If you are undecided about entering an aircraft leaseback arrangement, here are a few reasons to consider putting an airplane on leaseback.

  • You would like to own an airplane, but you cannot afford to own the airplane outright.
  • You would like to take advantage of the tax advantages of aircraft ownership.
  • You own an airplane that is not flying enough.
  • You want to make your aircraft an asset.
  • You would like to mitigate your costs of flying or offset your costs of flight training.
The Cons of aircraft leaseback:
  • The wrong aircraft may generate frequent maintenance problems that can cost thousands of dollars in repairs.
  • Flight Training is rigorous and will increase the wear on the aircraft.

If an aircraft leaseback agreement is something you are considering, please contact us for more details.

A team of experienced aircraft brokers and owners will work with you to predict the revenue, expense, and overall performance of your aircraft in our fleet.

We can further assist with your aircraft purchase process, ensure it has been well maintained, and set your aircraft’s rental rate to maximize your profits.

Leaseback opportunities

What does that mean for you?

You’ve got the ratings, now use them to enhance your lifestyle! Aircraft ownership is the natural next step for pilots wanting to fly regularly, but finding the right airplane to suit your needs can be difficult. Apollo Aviation can help!

Apollo Aviation is growing! We are looking to our customer base through our partnership with Lifestyle Aviation to help us fill out our fleet. We are in need of Diamond DA20s, Diamond DA40s, and a Diamond DA42.  Apollo Aviation welcomes the addition of all other aircraft as well.

Most people think owning an airplane is not a possibility due to the cost, but if you are currently in flight training, or you are a pilot, the most expensive aspect of flying is renting a plane. Through leaseback, you can own an airplane, use it for personal and business needs, and have Apollo Aviation pay you to use it. Or maybe you already have an airplane that is not being fully utilized; aircraft leaseback is a way to make plane ownership affordable, including substantial tax benefits. Lifestyle Aviation has creative ways to make plane ownership affordable. From individual owner, leaseback, and partnership to DiamondShare.

To learn how aircraft leaseback works, and discover how the tax advantages might help you, contact us now. A specialist will review your situation to see if the aircraft leaseback arrangement is a good fit for you.

Checkout our  Available Aircraft page for more details.

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