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Experience the Magic of Flight

Experience the magic of flight as you take control of an airplane under the guidance of a certified flight instructor. Fly around the Birmingham area, check out your house from above, and take in the scenic views!

Take control of the airplane during your first flight!

During your introductory flight you will have the opportunity to actually take control of the airplane and experience the amazing feeling of freedom that comes from flying an actual airplane. Not only that, but this flight can be logged towards your required flight time for your private pilot certificate. Discovery flights typically last between 45 minutes to 1 hour, during this time you will get to fly over any areas you may want to see from the air, learn the basics of controlling the airplane, and have an amazing time learning how aviation and Apollo Aviation can help you reach your goals! 

It can be normal to be a little nervous if this is your first time flying in a smaller airplane, but we can assure you that our flight instructors are highly trained individuals with your safety in mind. 

See Alabama from Above

Apollo Aviation offers a popular Discovery Flight package at a price of only $99. Discovery flights are the perfect way to test your interest in aviation or even add a cool story to your experiences.

Our discovery flights are not only for new pilots, but experienced pilots who may be looking for a new flight school are encouraged to take an introductory flight as well.  Not only is a discovery flight about discovering the amazing world of aviation, it is also a chance to discover whether Apollo Aviation is a good fit for your nee

Cessna 172 Discovery Flight

$ 99

Experience the Passion of Flying

Enjoy state-of-the-art technology and fly a sports car like airplane with a Diamond DA40 Discovery Flight

$ 129 .00

Give the Gift of Flight

Diamonds Are Forever

Diamond Aircraft DA40
Discovery Flight Gift Box

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea? A Discovery Flight Gift Box is the ideal gift for anyone interested in aviation and flying!

Our gift boxes include a gift certificate for a 45-minute discovery flight in our modern Diamond DA40 aircraft, a t-shirt, a few small gift’s, and flight training information.

$ 129

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