The First Step to Becoming a Pilot

Efficient Flight Training in Uncontrolled Airspace

No waiting on the ground for a control tower’s clearance. You will be in the air and training in 5 minutes instead of 30+ minutes at a larger controlled airport.

Our students still receive flight training at an airport with an operating control tower, this is required for all private pilot applicants. This means that you will still become confident in radio communication procedures and controlled airport operations during your flight training with Apollo Aviation.

Quality Flight Training on YOUR Schedule

Similar to scheduling a guitar or piano lesson, your flight training can be scheduled around your personal availability.

While it is recommended that a student pilot fly a minimum of two or three times each week, there is no requirement that your life be put on hold to become a pilot.

Apollo Aviation’s flight instructors will customize a training plan around your needs so that becoming a pilot is efficient and effective for your circumstances and goals.

There has never been a better time to become a pilot, and a busy schedule does not have to keep you from earning your private pilot certificate.

Convenient Location in the Greater Birmingham Area

Apollo Aviation is located only 15 minutes from the heart of downtown Birmingham near Hoover, AL at the Bessemer Municipal Airport, just off of Highway 459.  

This means you enjoy an easy commute without the pain and hassle of downtown Birmingham traffic.

Accelerated Private Pilot Training

Become a pilot in 14 – 18 days.

Our accelerated private pilot program is a full immersion, 7 day/week, 8+ hour day course. You will spend each day flying and doing ground training, leaving no time for other commitments.  

The benefit to accelerated flight training is that you will save time and money by getting in, getting it done, and going home as a pilot.  Knowledge and skill retention is significantly improved, as is overall flight training efficiency. There is a reason that the military trains using this format.

Our Accelerated Private Pilot Training is designed to be 14-18 days in length. 

For pilots seeking Accelerated Private Pilot Training; please arrive prepared with the documents and following requirements. 

  • FAA Private Pilot written test passed
  • Current US Passport, or Birth Certificate & Government Issued ID
  • Basic Med or FAA third class medical or better
The following is included in The Accelerated Private Pilot Training Program:
  • Flight instructor dedicated only to your flight training.
  • Unlimited Instruction
  • Checkride pass guaranteed or you pay nothing for additional training
guarunteed Pass
Total Cost
$ 9,445

More Info:

  • 40 hours of Flight & Ground Instruction – $8,360
  • Pilot Training Kit – $224.95
  • Written Test – $160
  • Checkride – $700
  • Pass your checkride or you pay nothing for additional training

Cost Breakdown:

Cessna 172
Flight Instructor
Flight Instructor – Your Airplane
Average completion time

The Flight Training Process:

Becoming a Pilot is one of the most fun experiences you will have in life. But understanding the flight training process can be confusing, and this is where choosing the right flight school becomes critical!

At first glance, learning to fly may appear daunting and intimidating, but a good flight school will walk with you during every step towards your pilot certificate.

Apollo Aviation uses newer technology and modern flight training tools so that learning to fly is fun, efficient, and economical. Our focus is helping you become a pilot who feels safe, confident, and passionate about aviation. Your flight instructor will keep track of your progress and become a personal mentor and coach who wants to see you succeed.

Apollo Aviation

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