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The Standard in Glass Flight Deck Capability

From the panels of new piston singles to the flight decks of next-generation light jets, Garmin’s G1000™ integrated avionics suite has changed the face of cockpit design and pilot safety.

Large LCD color displays consolidate all primary flight, navigation, engine and sensor data bringing new levels of safety, simplicity and situational awareness to the cockpit.

Because of this added functionality and capability, it is important that you become familiar with the Garmin G1000 suite when transitioning to any new aircraft using this technology. Not only is this for safety, but it also ensures that you gain the most benefit from the available G1000 features.

The transition from “steam gauges” to glass cockpits can be intimidating, but with proper training it can open up a new world of workload reduction and flight safety features.

Let Apollo Aviation save you time and money with transition training in our G1000 Checkout Course.

This is not a home study course, in fact we have chosen to use actual in-aircraft training with our instructors, covering everything you need to know to be safe, proficient and comfortable with the G1000. 

Training is first conducted on the ground, then after the fundamental knowledge and familiarization have been developed, you will put your skills to the test in the air!

Integrate Your Cockpit

The G1000 is an all-glass avionics suite designed for a wide range of aircraft. It is a seamlessly integrated package that makes flight information easier to scan and process. Garmin’s revolutionary design brings new levels of situational awareness, simplicity and safety to the cockpit.

Garmin G1000® features at a glance.
  • See clearly even in IFR conditions with SVT™
  • GFC 700 digital autopilot integration
  • Integrates virtually all avionics
  • Certified on a broad range of aircraft models
  • Fully integrated CNI suite with dual WAAS-certified GPS
  • All-digital, dual-channel Garmin flight control system
  • Moving-map MFD with engine/fuel gauge cluster, checklist capability
  • Onboard solid-state full-color weather radar
  • Class-B TAWS alerting, worldwide terrain and obstacle database for the U.S.
  • FliteCharts® and SafeTaxi®
  • ChartViewTM powered by Jeppesen
  • Built-in Flight Data Logging capability
  • Interfaces for traffic, lightning, ADF and DME
  • Dual solid-state AHRS referencing
  • Full reversionary display capability

Flight Management, Simplified

The vision for Garmin’s G1000 suite was to develop a fully integrated, all-glass avionics system that would enhance situational awareness, reduce pilot workload, and make futuristic flight capabilities available today

Clearly, that vision has become a reality.

Garmin G1000 Training Simplified 

The Garmin G1000 is one of the most sophisticated, yet user friendly avionic suites ever built. Apollo Aviation’s G1000 course takes a very practical, no-nonsense approach to teaching you how to operate this system.  Following the course you will feel confident and comfortable with fully utilizing the functions of the Garmin G1000.

Our training is based on the popular Technologically Advanced Airplane, the Diamond DA40. 

Topics covered include the following:

  • Using the Primary & Multi-function Display’s
  • Using the GFC700 Autopilot
  • Using the G1000 navigation features
  • Management of aircraft systems
Apollo Aviation

Apollo Aviation