Multi-engine Rating

Apollo Aviation offers structured and efficient multi-engine training programs for anyone who holds a private pilot certificate or higher. Our multi-engine rating courses may be completed as an accelerated multi-engine add-on or you may train at your own pace.   

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Multi-Engine Add-on Information

This multi-engine “add-on” rating is meant to be added to an existing Private Pilot Certificate or Commercial Pilot Certificate. If you have an instrument rating, you will want to get your Multi-Engine rating with instrument privileges. There are now FAA required knowledge tests or minimum time requirements. However, you are required to demonstrate proficiency to an examiner which is why receiving professional ground and multi-engine flight training is a must. The average amount of flight time needed for the multi-engine rating is 8 hours depending on the student. Our multi-engine course includes up to 8 hours of training, after which an hourly rate for the aircraft and instructor will be applied. The ME course includes up to 8 hours; if more than 8 hours are required an hourly rate for the aircraft and instructor will be applied.  

Requirements for the Multi-engine Add-on Course
Total Cost:
$ 3,950
Commercial Multi-Engine Training Information

Earning your Commercial Multi-Engine add-on will allow you to get paid to to fly a twin engine airplane, in fact the airlines require a minimum of 50 hours multi-engine time. After completion of your multi-engine commercial rating you can easily and quickly add your commercial single-engine rating.  Earning the commercial multi-engine rating and then getting your MEI will get you those 50 hours.

Requirements for the Commercial Multi-Engine Course
  • Private Pilot Certificate with Instrument Rating
  • 215 Hours of flight time (Time-building packages are available for those who do not meet this requirement)
  • At least a current FAA Third Class Medical or BasicMed
  • Proof of US Citizenship or TSA Approval
Total Cost:
$ 15,750

*Includes 35 hours of multi-engine training. An hourly fee will apply for any training over 35 hours.

Multi-Engine Instructor Training Information

The Multi-engine instructor course includes 8 hours of dual flight training towards your MEI certificate. The multi-engine instructor course assumes that you have already obtained at least 7 hours of multi-engine flight time so that you can meet the requirements of FAA FAR Part 61.183.  Any additional hours will be subject to an hourly fee for the aircraft and instructor.

Requirements for the Multi-Engine Instructor Course
$ 3,950

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