What is AeroCamp?

AeroCamp is a day camp program designed to give young individuals a unique opportunity to explore the vast and exciting world of aviation and aerospace at their local airport.

Children learn firsthand about the dynamics of flight and aircraft and careers in aviation. Every camper is given the opportunity to fly an aircraft if they choose to. However, flight time is only a fraction of the AeroCamp experience and is not required to have a great learning adventure. Experiences often includes site visits to various aviation-related organizations. Camps generally run for a period of five days during summer and select seasonal dates. 

AeroCamp Basic

Perfect for children with little or no previous aviation knowledge or experience.

AeroCamp Basic learning activities include:

  • Learning about what makes an airplane fly
  • Aircraft types & the pilots who fly them
  • Learn about airplane flight controls and instruments
  • Learn how to conduct a pre-flight inspection
  • Learn basic information on radio communications
  • Learn about the airport environment
  • Visit various destinations at the airport & explore other fields in aviation
  • Learn the basics of aeronautical charts & map reading
  • Logable orientation flight time of up to 1 hour

AeroCamp Advanced

Intended for campers with previous aviation knowledge or experience. AC Basic is not a pre-requirement . AeroCamp Advanced learning activities include:

AeroCamp Basic Recap

What makes an airplane fly; Who flies airplanes; Airplane flight controls and instruments

Apply Your Knowledge in the Aviation Environment

Perform an actual pre-flight inspection; learn advanced radio communications; plan and fly an actual cross-country flight

Prepare for the Test

Begin studying the FAA written test questions.

Flight Training

Receive & log 2-3 hours of actual flight instruction

Time to Fly!

You’ve learned the basics, you have advanced knowledge, now it’s time to spread your wings and fly. Through AeroSolo you will receive the flight training necessary to fly an airplane alone. Your first solo will be one of the best memories you’ll ever have! At the end of your solo flight there will be a celebration with your family and friends, pictures, and meal.

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